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Artists/groups similar to Franz Ferdinand?

dj cubicle 11:28 PM - 17 February, 2009
I think this is the kinda break I needed from listening to Top 40 garbage. What else should I be looking for that's similar?
bourbonstmc 11:32 PM - 17 February, 2009
Modest Mouse.
djaction 2:44 AM - 18 February, 2009
um.. you don't consider franz ferdinand to be top40 garbage?

Rebelguy 3:14 AM - 18 February, 2009
um.. you don't consider franz ferdinand to be top40 garbage?


If the ladies love it then I'm loving it...haha. (no homo)
dj lad 3:39 AM - 18 February, 2009
They're not top 40 garbage, Jesus.

Try these bands:
Orange Juice
The Fall
Gang of Four
Joy Division
StevenWayne 4:54 AM - 18 February, 2009
The Killers
Vhs or Beta
Bloc Party
and my personal favorite right now...The Sounds
bandoma 6:27 AM - 18 February, 2009
i take it you downloaded their new track from djcity
djaction 2:22 PM - 18 February, 2009
franz ferdinand and the killers are 100% top40.. lookup the definition of top40..
dj cubicle 4:21 PM - 18 February, 2009

The Top Forty or Top 40 is a music industry shorthand for the currently most-popular songs in a particular genre. When used without qualification, it typically refers to the best-selling or most frequently broadcast pop music songs.

I believe I said "Top 40 garbage" which, while rather vague, on this site normally implies Top 40 Pop. No need to be a d-bag about it dude.
djaction 4:28 PM - 18 February, 2009
um.. i'll be a dbag all i want. but i absolutely consider fran ferdinand and the killers to be top40/pop/garbage. both are teeny bopper bullshit rock bands..
dj cubicle 4:36 PM - 18 February, 2009
So why exactly are you in here?
djaction 4:46 PM - 18 February, 2009
I was shocked that anyone actually like this music. Don't take offense man.
DJ Young Herrera 4:48 PM - 18 February, 2009

peep these guys, its what i've been listening to lately. I can't stand clear channel music.

Kero One
Steady B
Pure P
The Stone Roses
Rachid Taha
Chaz Jankel

Not exactly what you originally requested, but they're kind of off the beaten top40garbage path.
DJ Sniffles 5:06 PM - 18 February, 2009
Look by one they are starting to change. You'll be on this path soon enough
djaction 5:21 PM - 18 February, 2009
how dare you sir
DVDjHardy 5:29 PM - 18 February, 2009
yo cubicle, how about you keep it real? listen to some weezy! :P
DJ Young Herrera 7:04 PM - 18 February, 2009
Action, it might time to stop pissing on the fire and just let that building burn down to the ground...sorry dawg.
Rebelguy 7:32 PM - 18 February, 2009
So is it any band that makes it top 40 is instantly garbage?

Didn't Yelle get major push from MTV then failed? Is she still considered keeping it real?
djaction 7:45 PM - 18 February, 2009
So is it any band that makes it top 40 is instantly garbage?


Rock is actually in a much worse state than hip hop right now.

The whole music industry is a giant steaming turd imo.
dj lad 9:40 PM - 18 February, 2009
Yes, it is. That doesn't change the fact that the first FF album is really, really good shit. Even if you remove Take Me Out, it's still a very good album (Dark of the Matinee, This Fire, Jacqueline, Darts of Pleasure are all very good tracks).

Meanwhile, they're hardly top 40. Top 40 typically refers to the Billboard Hot 100 charts, right? In the US, they haven't a single go past 66 on that chart. They made it high up on the rock top 40 chart, but to do that you basically just have to have a rock song and get some radio airplay. Not hard. So unless you're counting the UK chart system, they never reached the Billboard Top 40 Pop Chart. I'm not some enormous fan of FF or anything, but to claim they're some shit band is just being silly.

I'd love to hear why you think FF is a "teenybopper" band. Seriously. While Alex Kapranos did say that their music was "music for girls to dance to", that doesn't make it bad, or garbage, or poppy. There are plenty of artists who make music like that and they aren't shite.

I disagree that rock is in a much worse state. There is PLENTY of great indie rock out there that is making noise and proving to be better than the mainstream (Animal Collective, Fleet Foxes, TV on the Radio, etc). I will give you that the mainstream rock charts these days reflects a whole lot of hot garbage (Incubus, Shinedown, Seether, Amberlin, Apocalyptica, Papa Roach, Saving Abel, etc), it doesn't change the fact that there is a far deeper indie rock scene than there is an indie hip hop scene.

Agreed that the music industry is a giant steaming turd, though.
djaction 10:26 PM - 18 February, 2009
dj lad.. that is not the definition of top40. checkout cubicles post
djaction 10:27 PM - 18 February, 2009
it doesn't change the fact that there is a far deeper indie rock scene than there is an indie hip hop scene.

lol you just opened up a whole new can of worms with that one..
dj lad 10:31 PM - 18 February, 2009
I'm fine with defending that point. :)

He didn't say "Top 40 Rock", he said "top40/pop/garbage". That's not Top 40 rock.
DJ Evil One 5:26 AM - 19 February, 2009
the virgins, chester french, any of the twelves remixes, etc.
DJ_Motion 7:29 AM - 19 February, 2009
Rapture, Ting Tings, Black Kids, Belinda Carisle, Cut Copy.. are a few good ones...
Stingwicki 5:29 AM - 16 September, 2017
Saint Motel sounds just like them. Ffwd 10 years.