Serato Software Feature Suggestions

What features would you like to see in Serato software?

Smart crates

Dj Diamond Lee 2:21 AM - 2 March, 2014
They should be a different color.,one chains the shape. The S looks too small and it's hard to see
Jensen Määäm 10:15 PM - 6 March, 2014
+1 and sad to say, I don't even know why we have to ask for it, it is obvious SERATO that it is very difficult to tell what is a smart crate and what is a "regular" crate and you knew how to make it right, just use 2 different colours like in SSL!
pueblofunky 9:07 AM - 7 March, 2014
just use 2 different colours like in SSL!


SDJ design is a 3 steps back design. Nothing is better than in SSL. SSL was perfect with this. Please return.

- bold font (SDJ) instead of normal font (SSL). Why no option in prefs?

- same colour of crate and smart crate. Why? Tell me anyone who can see it better? Or make an option!

- Offline player ... please compare for yourself (Serato) and explain why the SDJ design should be better as SSL ? I have definitely NO idea. (time to play/played, yellow font, full waveform over partial waveform please!)

3 GUI main mistakes - which prevent to switch to SDJ and buy a SL2, 3 or 4.
Jensen Määäm 9:22 AM - 7 March, 2014
There is more pueblofunky, try to use the scrollbar. You can't see the thing to scroll up and down, it's pretty much impossible because it's grey on grey, not like in SSL where you can see it! Everyone at Serato must be spoiled by using the trackpad on a Mac, so they just forgetting that there are users on windows machines which don't have that Mac trackpad and who are actually using the scrollbar. All that is a very poor job SERATO!
pueblofunky 7:27 AM - 11 March, 2014
@Jensen: I didn't try SDJ so much because due the main reasons above. ;-)

I manage my library at home on my PC - and the GUI is unreadable.

I tried SDJ at my main club where a DJM 900 SRT is installed but 3 CD players are connected (I can not disconnect) and so 4 decks destroy my screen (15.6" in HD mode!) and I can not change the layout to 2 decks - beside the bold font. :-(

Maybe there are more issues you and others have detected. :-)

And I hope Serato will fix this soon in SDJ before SSL reaches the EOL (end of life).