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Crate/Playlist Duration & Track total

Tripper J 5:56 PM - 19 February, 2014
It would be very helpful if we could see how long any given serato crate/playlist is, as well as how many tracks are in that crate/playlist.

Also, when more than one file is selected, the same attributes for what is selected.
->then, if I need a playlist of a certain length I can create it from a larger playlist or search and once the duration is reached, I can drag all the highlighted tracks to a new crate.
grover2g 12:37 AM - 28 April, 2016
Tripper J 8:31 PM - 25 September, 2017
Any plans to make this happen Serato?
DJ Trash Can 1:27 PM - 11 October, 2017
This would be an extremely helpful feature for a DJ, to know what total time is for a crate. If you need to prep a 2 hr set, you could assemble all tracks in a specific crate for that and then total time would be such a nice feature....

And it would be soooo easyyyyy to implement from a software perspective, just add the total at the bottom of the column that holds the duration for each track.... It is a dynamic calculated variable that in some way you need to store with the crate, like the crate name...
vjmarcus 2:48 PM - 12 October, 2017
Great idea, but, we never play a song to the complete ending if you're mixing. If a song kills your dancefloor, you would mix out asap.

I still think this feature should be added.