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Organising Track Search Results by BPM & Key Simultaneously?

AlmiX 11:40 AM - 10 February, 2014
I'm not sure if this subject is limited to just my personal workflow, but when searching for tracks in Serato DJ, I've noticed you can search for pretty much every criteria except for the BPM value of a track. I can guess the reason for this is primarily due to the fact that you can simply sort your search results by the BPM value afterwards. The problem is, if I do this, then Serato will then forget about organising the music by key - which is how I normally sort my songs.

In essence, I'm limited to either sorting my tracks via BPM and having to search all over the results for a harmonically compatible track to the currently playing one, or sort my results by key and have a harder time finding a track with a similar BPM. I am aware that it's possible to obtain a similar style of search by searching the genre, then the key (for example, "House 2A") and then sort the results by BPM, but in this instance, it brings up all House tracks with a key of 12A as well. Searching by BPM is just more effective in my experience.

I'm not sure if it's just me likes to filter their music in this way, but for me, being able to search for a genre and organise the results by both BPM and key simultaneously makes perfect sense, as it allows for the widest search criteria whilst taking into account song compatibility. Traktor has the ability to search this way and I find it really makes a difference to the quality of a set, as well as the the ease of workflow...

Just thought I'd propose such a suggestion anyway!
pueblofunky 7:52 PM - 11 February, 2014
e.g. as I did here for the musical keys (for SSL): ?

I would recommend to replace the "Browse" by "album" (who is searching by "albums" in our dj world?) by the all the available keys - and find it's neighbours (maybe a setting in the preferences: "Find musical keys neighbours yes/no".

and e.g. as I did here for BPM (for SSL):

Tiger4life 12:36 PM - 12 February, 2014
I guess you're thinking too hard about what you need to achieve.The simplest way to achieve that is to create a smart crate with the criteria you prefer (Genre,Key,BPM).Another way is to sort by Key,BPM,Genre one by one and copy the results into a crate labeled appropriately.
pueblofunky 12:58 PM - 12 February, 2014
I guess you're thinking too hard about what you need to achieve.The simplest way to achieve that is to create a smart crate with the criteria you prefer (Genre,Key,BPM).

Hard? I think you don't know how hard it is to create the crates manually. There is no "auto-creation" like "create all crates by genre, key, bpm-range". ;-)

My smart crates are defined by other criterias however (as others have too) and then I want to find something fast. See the links in my previous post.

It's a feature request to find something fast when you need it fast - without preparing the crates.
lindsaymar 3:46 PM - 30 March, 2014
I think what the most broad way to adapt this is through having the ability to filter your whole library/crate/folder by a BPM range (which could be automatically selected by the bpm of the playing track.)
Traktor has had this for a long time and it's great. We're dj's, being able to mix in a track of similar BPM is extremely valuable to us. I'm amazed that this isn't a feature.

I can't imagine one dj that wouldn't want this.