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MAJOR ISSUE: Color Coding order for Tracks in Library changed

Dj Hi Def 5:26 PM - 4 February, 2014
The order of the track colors changed and messed with library management.

How it is:

How it was:
Nicky Blunt 5:29 PM - 4 February, 2014
I see no logical reason to change this! Can we have it back to the old system please!
LJ_WOOLSEY 5:30 PM - 4 February, 2014
+1 needs fixing i did have a thread open about this in sdj but i never noticed at the time all the colours were messed up, for me i had a bug where the default colour gets put before and after the colours.

More info here --->
Nicky Blunt 5:35 PM - 4 February, 2014
Ive been using a system i devised thru the old colour coding do i really have to change up 5 years of work to use a program Im not really that interested in. THIS NEEDS FIXING!
LJ_WOOLSEY 5:37 PM - 4 February, 2014
i guess it's just a bug. i know this has broken in ssl private betas before and got fixed before release but this time it has not.

as you can see from my bug report still waiting to hear back from serato.
LJ_WOOLSEY 6:12 PM - 4 February, 2014
ok got a reply now...

Hi guys,

I posted a reply here -

"Sorry about the lack of communication on this.
We are aware of the problem and have been able to reproduce it. We will be investigating it further now that 1.6 is released.

Apologies for the static on the wire."

Matt P