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Cue Set just like in Scratch Live

KINGOLA 7:47 AM - 23 January, 2014
We've all watched the videos, Rane is moving us ahead with Serato DJ. But to me, it seems backwards! By this year or the next support for Scratch Live would be dead and we would all be forced to move to Serato DJ but there is a problem in that.

We, the Scratch Live users are used to how things are in Scratch Live, especially when it comes to setting cues, which is my biggest concern with this "upgrade"

In Scratch Live, to set a cue you have to use Control + #Key.
To use the cue, either use shift or turn on caps + #Key

In Serato DJ, i found out that if i want to just use the cue, turn on caps + #Key, if i mistakenly press an empty slot that has no cue because of my fat hands, a cue is created.

Why cant it also be Control + #Key just like in Scratch Live so we wouldnt have this problem popping up for people with big hands.

No, i do not want to turn off caps and have to use Shift + #Key just to play a track, i just want to push one button, one finger.

please! Thanks!
Papa Midnight 3:50 AM - 4 February, 2014
Do you have "Playback Keys use Shift" enabled?
DJCASE 4:51 AM - 4 February, 2014
+1. The "Playback Keys Use Shift" feature doesn't seem to be working as designed.
Dj Bema 6:34 AM - 4 February, 2014
+1 good find
KINGOLA 6:40 AM - 4 February, 2014
SSL users would understand.
Dj MacMillz 7:33 AM - 4 February, 2014
Smh, not this shit again.

I've tried explaining the workflow of SDJ to this guy to no avail, he knows the issue, he's knows what he has to do to circumvent the 'issue' he just fails to accept it.

The way he expects it to work, it can't and won't.
KINGOLA 7:38 AM - 4 February, 2014
@DJ MacMillz: You have. Thanks. Now be on your merry way. I had no idea i couldn't request a feature from a product i also paid for.

I simple want the option to revert back to the old way if possible and seeing as you are not a developer, well you get the point.
KINGOLA 7:39 AM - 4 February, 2014
And you clearly dont get it seeing as you still saying the same BS.
Dj MacMillz 7:45 AM - 4 February, 2014
What you are asking for, can't happen. It's that simple. What is so difficult about enabling playback uses shift? You're asking for a feature request because you're fat fingers (your words not mine) accidentally hit the cues. When you've been told by myself and even others that the way you think and expect it to work just can't in SDJ. Point blank.
KINGOLA 7:51 AM - 4 February, 2014
I have been told by you. I've heard your point, so now please shut up and move on.

Just like anyone else, i have the right to ask for a feature that implements "Ctrl" to set cues rather than automatic. I am also a software developer so i know its really not hard to program it if playback uses shift is already coded.

As said previously, if you do not like the thread, dont read it. Just move on if its not for you.
Dj Wunder 8:21 AM - 4 February, 2014
In SSL I exclusively use "Command" + "," or "." to set cues. I'd really really like this functionality to be in SDJ
SiRocket 8:30 AM - 4 February, 2014
hot cues should be optional, just like they were in itch and SSL…. it's ridiculous to not have this function. AND YES IT CAN BE MADE TO WORK WITH SDJ…
HeaVyyNeSs 1:32 AM - 5 February, 2014
+1 - the hot cues are annoying. Ctrl + Number to set cue.
KINGOLA 1:57 AM - 23 April, 2014
Nothing Yet. smh
SiRocket 4:17 PM - 23 April, 2014
Nothing Yet. smh

Dj Wunder 7:47 PM - 23 April, 2014
Nothing Yet. smh


*fixed in 1.6.2
KINGOLA 5:02 AM - 22 May, 2014
No it wasnt.
Same in 1.6.3

Annoying! This feature will not let me switch to Serato DJ.
The Human Error 8:23 AM - 22 May, 2014
Agree, this is annoying as hell. It was perfekt in ssl. Please fix this ASAP damnit.
Dj Bema 10:39 PM - 22 May, 2014
KINGOLA 1:11 AM - 18 September, 2014
Still nothing in 1.7 :/
SiRocket 4:02 AM - 18 September, 2014
Volium 8:40 PM - 20 October, 2014
Just switched to Serato DJ and first thought there was a bug or something..
This is a really annoying feature, please fix it asap as it was in SL.
The Human Error 8:54 PM - 20 October, 2014
I can never get used to this after using SSL for years. Please make this an option. Cannot se any reason for this behavior.
The Human Error 4:37 PM - 9 September, 2015
yup, it stills annoy me. Option for hot cues please.
Jay-T 10:14 PM - 20 January, 2016
SiRocket 3:04 AM - 19 February, 2016
YES PLEASE!!!! See Avatar <----
Dj Bema 5:06 PM - 19 February, 2016