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Songs won't load

Scratch Live
Rane SL1
majik tipz 7:17 AM - 8 January, 2014
Hi Every time I go to load a song onto left or right deck the songs won't load the title of the song pops up but the the two circles come up blank you can't see the bpms or anything else please help!
Rane, Support
Zach S 6:16 PM - 8 January, 2014
Hey Majik,

It sounds like you need to analyze your files -->
majik tipz 8:42 PM - 8 January, 2014
Yeah I already have bud but it seems like the music that I get from dj are the ones that don't work and they don't really need to be analyzed any other suggestions
Rane, Support
Zach S 10:45 PM - 8 January, 2014
All files need to be analyzed when you load them into SSL.
Regardless of where they come from.
Please upload one of these problem files and I'll have a look at it.