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Wow, cats are Faking the Funk all over! Waitress exposed for lying....

DJJOHNNYM_vSL3 6:02 PM - 26 November, 2013
Customers claim they did leave tip, did not leave note for server

When Dayna Morales, a restaurant server in New Jersey and former U.S. Marine, claimed a family wrote her a hateful note on a receipt, outrage ensued.

"I'm sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life," read the note. Morales, who is gay, posted a photo of the receipt on Facebook.

Morales went on news programs and showed off the receipt with the message. But now, a family has come forward saying it left no note and did leave the waitress a tip. The note, it claims, is a fake, according to NBC New York.

The family, which wished to remain anonymous, told NBC New York it left Morales a $18 tip. It reportedly provided a copy of the receipt as proof as well as a credit card statement "which appears to indicate their card was charged for the meal plus the tip, for a total of $111.55."

The wife told NBC New York that she is left-handed and couldn't have made the slash in the tip section of the receipt. She says it appears like it was made from the right.

"We've never not left a tip when someone gave good service, and we would never leave a note like that," the wife told NBC New York.

The husband said he didn't vote for Chris Christie because of the governor's lack of support for gay marriage.

"Never would a message like that come from us," he said.

Faking a note, he added, is "a disgusting thing to do."

"The restaurant profits from this; obviously Dayna profits from this. It's fraud. It's a scam," he said.

Morales told NBC New York that she didn't receive a tip and repeated that the handwriting on the tip was not hers. The restaurant told NBC New York it is conducting an internal investigation into the incident.

Cold busted...
DJ Remix Detroit 5:32 AM - 27 November, 2013
similar story:


d:raf 11:49 PM - 27 November, 2013
Maybe she & Grandmaster Jay could join forces and rule the world (for 15 minutes)...

Waitress in tip tale, a former Stony Point resident, 'lies about everything,' former co-workers, friends say
Ex-colleagues say woman has a history of deception
Nov. 27, 2013

A North Rockland High School alumna accused of making up a story about being denied a tip at a New Jersey restaurant due to her sexual orientation has a reputation for lying, former colleagues and friends said.

Dayna Morales, 22, formerly of Stony Point, told reporters last week that a family at the Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, N.J., stiffed her out of a tip on a nearly $100 bill because she was gay. She produced a receipt with a note that said: “I do not agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life.”

Morales, now of Bedminster, N.J., had posted a picture of the receipt and complained of the injustice on a gay-friendly Facebook page called “Have a Gay Day.” She said she publicized the incident online because “others need to be informed this is still going on.”

She didn’t contact media outlets but journalists began reaching out to her and reporting on the post after several blogs wrote about it. Eventually, national news outlets picked up the story.

But Morales has been caught in multiple lies, telling co-workers she shaved her head because she had brain cancer and later telling them it was her friend who had brain cancer, her colleagues and friends said.

They said she also told co-workers at a day care center where she once worked that Superstorm Sandy severely damaged her home in Stony Point, and sent a boat into her living room. Concerned co-workers dropped by her home and found only minor damage to the carpet by her front door and no sign of a boat, they said.

“Every story she comes up with has a lie,” said Julie Howat, 23, of Pomona.

Morales could not be reached for comment.

NBC 4 New York on Monday reported that the family at the Gallop Asian Bistro, who asked to remain anonymous, produced their copy of the receipt and credit card statement showing the family of four left an $18 tip on a $93.55 bill. Their copy of the receipt also showed no note.

High school acquaintances and former colleagues of Morales said the revelations confirmed their suspicions about Morales’ original story. In the past, Morales has sought sympathy from friends and co-workers through questionable stories, Howat said.

“Any tragedy that happened, she had to be a part of it,” Howat said. “She needed sympathy and empathy.”

But this case has enraged Howat because people from all over the world were sending Morales money after hearing the story.

“It’s like she’s taking it to a whole other level,” Howat said. “Now you’re lying to people to get their money. It’s not even for sympathy now.”

Karolee Larkin, 23, a former classmate, also worked with her at the day care center.

“You can’t believe much of what she says,” Larkin said.

Morales told people she was a former Marine who was sent to Afghanistan and that everyone in her platoon died in an explosion except her, Larkin and Howat said.

The explosion left her with back injuries that required surgery and a couple of months to recover, Larkin said Morales told her employer. But during her time off, Morales posted photos of herself on Facebook enjoying a trip to Florida with a girlfriend, they said.

Samantha Reidy of Pomona, who dated Morales for a month a couple of years ago, said Morales appeared to have undergone the back surgery, and sent pictures of herself in pain. But Reidy said Morales told her that she had a quick recovery that allowed her to take the trip. Morales, who stopped all contact with Reidy shortly after taking the trip to visit another girlfriend, got engaged to the other woman when she returned.

Reidy said poems penned by Morales during their courtship that she kept appeared to have matched the writing on the restaurant receipt, bringing into question whether Morales wrote the note on the receipt herself.

“She lies about everything,” Reidy said.

A spokesman for the Marines, Major Shawn Haney, said in an email that Morales had served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve from July 13, 2009, to May 21, 2013 at the rank of Lance Corporal, E-3, as an administrative specialist. She was assigned to the Marine Air Group 49, 4th Marine Air Wing out of Newburgh and deployed from April to June 2012 to Romania as part of the Black Sea Rotational Force 11.

“There is no indication of combat service in Iraq or Afghanistan,” he added in a follow-up email. Also, “While (Morales) did not fulfill her reserve obligation, per the Privacy Act, administrative actions are not releasable. The same applies to character of service and type of discharge.”

When confronted by a News 4 reporter about the receipt, Morales reportedly said, “It’s not my handwriting. I don’t know.”

Restaurant manager Byron Lapola on Tuesday told the Courier News that the eatery, which opened three months ago, would not comment until they finish their investigation. Lapola said Morales was “currently not on the schedule” to work.

Meanwhile, the social media users that slammed the anonymous family in thousands of Facebook and online comments have turned on Morales as well as the restaurant, calling for a boycott of the eatery.

Days after the story first was reported, Lapola told the Courier News he was not working the evening of the incident. But Lapola stood by his waitress and said he instructed his staff to discount an entree from the family’s check and to credit the difference as a tip.
DJJOHNNYM_vSL3 12:24 AM - 28 November, 2013
DJJOHNNYM_vSL3 1:47 AM - 3 December, 2013
And the hits keep coming!

Waitress who received alleged anti-gay receipt suspended pending investigation

The New Jersey waitress who claimed she received an anti-gay message in lieu of a tip has been suspended pending an investigation.

Dayna Morales, a waitress at the Gallop Asian Bistro restaurant in Bridgewater, N.J., said that a couple who ate at the restaurant paid their bill but left no tip, saying "I'm sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life." Morales is gay.

However, the couple later came forward and provided their copy of the receipt to counter Morales' charges. Now, the restaurant has suspended Morales pending its investigation into her conduct.

“Ms. Morales is currently not on our employee schedule while we are still working to complete our investigation," the restaurant wrote on its Facebook page.

Both the husband and the wife who ate the meal strongly protested the allegation that they left an anti-gay "tip," with the wife noting that she is left-handed and does not write like the receipt indicates, and the husband saying he did not vote for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie because of his opposition to gay marriage. Morales, in turn, has said the handwriting is not hers.

In the wake of the incident, Morales has drawn criticism from her co-workers. Morales, a former Marine, was reportedly given a dishonorable discharge from the Reserve Corps in May for failing to attend drills.
DJJOHNNYM_vSL3 3:19 PM - 8 December, 2013

Some Donations in Anti-Gay Tipping Scandal Refunded Via Paypal

At least three duped donors who gave money to a waitress and former Marine who claimed a family left her a homophobic note instead of a tip have had their donations refunded via PayPal, according to the founder of the web site that had first publicized the story and posts on the site.

Dayna Morales, a waitress at Gallop Asian Bistro, N.J., made national headlines and received an outpouring of public support and at least $3,000 in donations after she claimed a family stiffed her and instead left her a note on the receipt reading, "Sorry, I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle and the way you live your life."

But after an unidentified couple came forward days later with a customer receipt and bank statement to prove that they had in fact left Dayna Morales an $18 tip on top of the $93.55 check, former friends of Morales also came forward claiming she was a compulsive liar.

Morales, 22, did not contact media directly with her story, but it soon went viral after it was picked up by a gay advocacy website, Have a Gay Day, which posted it on its Facebook wall.

"I am THOROUGHLY offended mad pissed off and hurt that THIS is what her kids will grow up learning and that I served in the Marines to keep ignorant people like them free," Morales posted, along with a picture of the receipt to Have a Gay Day on Nov. 13. "Sorry lady but I don't agree with YOUR lifestyle and the way you're raising your kids but you didn't see me throwing that in your face and giving you sh--y service. Keep your damn mouth shut and pray we never cross paths again."

The Founder of the Ohio-based website confirmed on Friday he had received messages from at least three people saying they had received their donations back.

"It has been confirmed that refunds have been issued to people that gave to Dayna Morales and the story we posted last month that she sent about the note on the receipt where she was not tipped," Have a Gay Day founder Michael Knote wrote on the Facebook page. "We're not sure who is exactly issuing the refunds but we have had 4 different people send us info that they received paypal refunds this morning."

Knote, 30, told ABC News he feels betrayed by the whole episode, and a "responsibility to find the truth" because it was his site that initially posted Morales' story. He said the last time he spoke to Morales was a few days after the media had picked up the story, but he hasn't been able to reach her since then because she has since taken down her Facebook page.

"She thanked us and also she told us at that moment that media agencies were doing interviews and she was going to donate the money to Wounded Warriors," Knote said.

The Wounded Warrior Project, a group that supports injured military service members and their families, did not immediately respond to calls from ABC News. LGBTQ Nation reported that a spokesperson from Wounded Warriors said Friday they had no records of any donations from Morales.

Shortly after the New Jersey couple emerged with their receipts, former friends and colleagues of Morales also came forward and claimed she is a pathological liar.

"She lied to me about having cancer and did a whole other mess of things she stayed at my house and lied to all my family and friends," Kiersten Lynn Bremer, 23, a former friend of Morales wrote on Facebook.

Bremer says she met Morales two years ago when Morales was then engaged to her close friend, Teresa Rivera, and that Morales was dishonorably discharged from the Marines and lied about having oiliodendraglioma, an incurable form of brain cancer, among other things.

The U.S. Marine Corps did not immediately respond to calls from ABC News for comment. A Pentagon source told LGBTQ Nation Friday that Morales had been given an administrative general discharge for failing to show up at required monthly reserve drills.

Knote said he felt "protective" of his online community and was disappointed that Morales was "dishonest," especially pulling a stunt like this "Around the holidays."

Gallop Asian Bistro says they conducted an internal investigation into whether Morales forged the receipt by examining security surveillance footage and their computer records, but that the results were inconclusive.

"Despite news reports to the contrary, this is not a simple, straight-forward matter and we have conducted our own internal investigation," the restaurant wrote on its Facebook page today. "In light of the investigation and recent events, both Ms. Morales and Gallop Asian Bistro have made a joint decision that Ms. Morales will no longer continue her employment at our restaurant. We wish her well in the future."

Knote said while some people posted on Facebook that they had received electronic donations back from Paypal, he had also received complaints from others who had sent their money in the mail or in person that had not received their donations back.
d:raf 6:28 PM - 10 December, 2013
More patrons of perjury:
DJ Val-BKNY11203 6:45 PM - 10 December, 2013
My only question is why is the tip written on the customer copy and not the merchant copy? If it is not written on the merchant copy, she didn't get the tip.
d:raf 7:15 PM - 10 December, 2013
The waitress can print as many copies as she wants after the fact and write whatever on them... they addressed that in the article.
 6 7:18 PM - 10 December, 2013
I heard your girl only gets tips because she's so ugly that no one wants to give her the whole thing.


 6 7:18 PM - 10 December, 2013
Not directed at anyone.. just a joke I heard. hahaha

DJJOHNNYM_vSL3 7:34 PM - 10 December, 2013
My only question is why is the tip written on the customer copy and not the merchant copy? If it is not written on the merchant copy, she didn't get the tip.

The waitress can print extra copies.....
DJJOHNNYM_vSL3 7:35 PM - 10 December, 2013
The waitress can print as many copies as she wants after the fact and write whatever on them... they addressed that in the article.

DJ Val-BKNY11203 8:00 PM - 10 December, 2013
The waitress can print as many copies as she wants after the fact and write whatever on them... they addressed that in the article.

My only question is why is the tip written on the customer copy and not the merchant copy? If it is not written on the merchant copy, she didn't get the tip.

The waitress can print extra copies.....

My bad...passed the part about the credit card statement.
d:raf 4:19 AM - 12 December, 2013
Let's add this guy to the pantheon:
Discobee 5:31 AM - 12 December, 2013
David Guetta's turkey was a fake too.
DJJOHNNYM_vSL3 12:26 PM - 12 December, 2013
Let's add this guy to the pantheon:

That dude was BUGGIN'.....
DJJOHNNYM_vSL3 12:43 PM - 12 December, 2013
That dude was BUGGIN'.....

And the hits keep comin'....

'Fake' deaf signer at Mandela event claims mental illness

Johannesburg (AFP) - The sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela's funeral has said a schizophrenic episode was to blame for accusations that he was an imposter who gesticulated nonsense during the entire service.

Thamsanqa Jantjie was branded as a scurrilous fake after members of South Africa's deaf community said his signing at Tuesday's memorial ceremony had amounted to nothing more than "flapping his arms around."

In an interview Thursday with the Johannesburg daily, The Star, Jantjie put his behaviour down to a sudden attack of schizophrenia, for which he takes medication.

He told the newspaper that he lost concentration, started hearing voices and hallucinating.

"There was nothing I could do. I was alone in a very dangerous situation," he said.

"I tried to control myself and not show the world what was going on. I am very sorry. It's the situation I found myself in," he added.

Jantjie's efforts at the memorial service, during which he translated eulogies by US President Barack Obama among others, triggered outrage in the deaf community and prompted a government investigation.

Cara Loening, director of Sign Language Education and Development in Cape Town, labelled him a "complete fraud" whose signing looked like someone "trying to swat a few flies away from his face and his head".

Asked why he didn't just leave the stage, Jantjie said that, given the historic importance of the event, he felt compelled to stay even though he could not hear or concentrate properly.

"Life is unfair. This illness is unfair," he said.

"Anyone who doesn't understand this illness will think that I'm just making this up," he added.

Attended by nearly 100 sitting and former heads of state or government, the speeches at Mandela's memorial were supposed to be interpreted into sign language for deaf viewers.

Jantjie's signing appeared at odds with that of the public broadcaster's signer, who was shown in a small insert box on SABC television screens.

The interview with The Star did not address the fact that Jantjie's competence had been called into question before the memorial furore erupted.

The South Africa's Translators' Institute said they already had reservations about Jantjie, who had previously signed at the ruling ANC party's events, including its centenary anniversary last year.

The institute's chairman Johan Blaauw said there had been complaints over his work on those occasions as well, but the ruling party took no action.
d:raf 2:38 AM - 13 December, 2013
d:raf 7:30 PM - 13 December, 2013
New inductee: DJ Spooky (the subliminal kid)?
d:raf 10:55 PM - 17 December, 2013

Climate change expert's fraud was 'crime of massive proportion,' say feds
By Michael Isikoff
NBC News National Investigative Correspondent

The EPA’s highest-paid employee and a leading expert on climate change deserves to go to prison for at least 30 months for lying to his bosses and saying he was a CIA spy working in Pakistan so he could avoid doing his real job, say federal prosecutors.

John C. Beale, who pled guilty in September to bilking the government out of nearly $1 million in salary and other benefits over a decade, will be sentenced in a Washington, D.C., federal court on Wednesday. In a newly filed sentencing memo, prosecutors said that his lies were a "crime of massive proportion" and “offensive” to those who actually do dangerous work for the CIA.

Beale’s lawyer, while acknowledging his guilt, has asked for leniency and offered a psychological explanation for the climate expert’s bizarre tales.

“With the help of his therapist,” wrote attorney John Kern, “Mr. Beale has come to recognize that, beyond the motive of greed, his theft and deception were animated by a highly self-destructive and dysfunctional need to engage in excessively reckless, risky behavior.” Kern also said Beale was driven “to manipulate those around him through the fabrication of grandiose narratives … that are fueled by his insecurities.”

The two sentencing memos, along with documents obtained by NBC News, offer new details about what some officials describe as one of the most audacious, and creative, federal frauds they have ever encountered.

When he first began looking into Beale’s deceptions last February, “I thought, ‘Oh my God, How could this possibly have happened in this agency?” said EPA Assistant Inspector General Patrick Sullivan, who spearheaded the Beale probe, in an interview with NBC News. “I’ve worked for the government for 35 years. I’ve never seen a situation like this.”

Beyond Beale’s individual fate, his case raises larger questions about how he was able to get away with his admitted fraud for so long, according to federal and congressional investigators. Two new reports by the EPA inspector general’s office conclude that top officials at the agency “enabled” Beale by failing to verify any of his phony cover stories about CIA work, and failing to check on hundreds of thousands of dollars paid him in undeserved bonuses and travel expenses -- including first-class trips to London where he stayed at five-star hotels and racked up thousands in bills for limos and taxis.

Until he retired in April after learning he was under federal investigation, Beale, an NYU grad with a masters from Princeton, was earning a salary and bonuses of $206,000 a year, making him the highest paid official at the EPA. He earned more money than Gina McCarthy, the agency’s administrator and, for years, his immediate boss, according to agency documents.

In September, Beale, who served as a “senior policy adviser” in the agency’s Office of Air and Radiation, pled guilty to defrauding the U.S. government out of nearly $900,000 since 2000. Beale perpetrated his fraud largely by failing to show up at the EPA for months at a time, including one 18-month stretch starting in June 2011 when he did “absolutely no work,” as Kern, Beale’s lawyer, acknowledged in his court filing.

To explain his long absences, Beale told agency officials -- including McCarthy -- that he was engaged in intelligence work for the CIA, either at agency headquarters or in Pakistan. At one point he claimed to be urgently needed in Pakistan because the Taliban was torturing his CIA replacement, according to Sullivan.

“Due to recent events that you have probably read about, I am in Pakistan,” he wrote McCarthy in a Dec. 18, 2010 email. “Got the call Thurs and left Fri. Hope to be back for Christmas ….Ho, ho, ho.”

In fact, Beale had no relationship with the CIA at all. Sullivan, the EPA investigator, said he confirmed Beale didn’t even have a security clearance. He spent much of the time he was purportedly working for the CIA at his Northern Virginia home riding bikes, doing housework and reading books, or at a vacation house on Cape Cod.

“He’s never been to Langley (the CIA’s Virginia headquarters),” said Sullivan. “The CIA has no record of him ever walking through the door.”

Nor was that Beale’s only deception, according to court documents. In 2008, Beale didn’t show up at the EPA for six months, telling his boss that he was part of a special multi-agency election-year project relating to “candidate security.” He billed the government $57,000 for five trips to California that were made purely “for personal reasons,” his lawyer acknowledged. (His parents lived there.) He also claimed to be suffering from malaria that he got while serving in Vietnam. According to his lawyer’s filing, he didn’t have malaria and never served in Vietnam. He told the story to EPA officials so he could get special handicap parking at a garage near EPA headquarters.

When first questioned by EPA officials early this year about his alleged CIA undercover work, Beale brushed them aside by saying he couldn’t discuss it, according to Sullivan. Weeks later, after being confronted again by investigators, Beale acknowledging the truth but “didn’t show much remorse,” Sullivan said. The explanation he offered for his false CIA story? “He wanted to puff up his own image,” said Sullivan.

Even at that point, prosecutors say, Beale sought to “cover his tracks.’” He told a few close colleagues at EPA that he would plead guilty “to take one for the team,” suggesting that he was willing to go to jail to protect people at the CIA. This has led some EPA officials to continue to believe that Beale actually does have a connection to the CIA, Sullivan said.

Kern, Beale’s lawyer, declined to comment to NBC News. But in his court filing, he asks Judge Ellen Huvelle, who is due to sentence Beale Wednesday, to balance Beale’s misdeeds against years of admirable work for the government. These include helping to rewrite the Clean Air Act in 1990, heading up EPA delegations to United Nations conferences on climate change in 2000 and 2001, and helping to negotiate agreements to reduce carbon emissions with China, India and other nations.

Two congressional committees are now pressing the EPA, including administrator McCarthy, for answers on the handling of Beale’s case. The new inspector general’s reports fault the agency for a lack of internal controls and policies that allegedly facilitated Beale’s deceptions.

For example, one of the reports states, Beale took 33 airplane trips between 2003 and 2011, costing the government $266,190. On 70 percent of those, he travelled first class and stayed at high end hotels, charging more than twice the government’s allowed per diem limit. But his expense vouchers were routinely approved by another EPA official, a colleague of Beale’s, whose conduct is now being reviewed by the inspector general, according to congressional investigators briefed on the report.

Beale was caught when he “retired” very publicly but kept drawing his large salary for another year and a half. Top EPA officials, including McCarthy, attended a September 2011 retirement party for Beale and two colleagues aboard a Potomac yacht. Six months later, McCarthy learned he was still on the payroll

In a March 29, 2012 email, she wrote, “I thought he had already retired. She then initiated a review that was forwarded to the EPA general counsel’s office . But the inspector general’s office was not alerted until February 2013 and he didn't actually retire until April.

Sullivan said he doubted Beale’s fraud could occur at any federal agency other than the EPA. “There’s a certain culture here at the EPA where the mission is the most important thing,” he said. “They don’t think like criminal investigators. They tend to be very trusting and accepting.”

In a statement to NBC News, Alisha Johnson, McCarthy’s press secretary, said that Beale’s fraud was "uncovered" by McCarthy while she was head of the Office of Air and Radiation. “[Beale] is a convicted felon who went to great lengths to deceive and defraud the U.S. government over the span of more than a decade,” said Johnson. “EPA has worked in coordination with its inspector general and the U.S. Attorney's office. The Agency has [put] in place additional safeguards to help protect against fraud and abuse related to employee time and attendance, including strengthening supervisory controls of time and attendance, improved review of employee travel and a tightened retention incentive processes.”
d:raf 11:22 PM - 17 December, 2013
Kinda old, but...

US Software Developer Caught Outsourcing His Job to China
Jan. 17, 2013
via Good Morning America

A software developer was busted for outsourcing his job to a programmer in China while he surfed the Web at work.

The case was described by Andrew Valentine, a principal with Verizon Enterprise Solutions, who published a blog post about the incident.

"We've seen plenty of employee misconduct cases, but not typically like this," Valentine told ABC News of his consulting caseload, which includes large scale data breach events.

Valentine's team was contacted by another company based in the U.S. for assistance over "anomalous activity" it noticed in records of employees logging remotely into the company's IT system.

Verizon Enterprise Solutions is not releasing the name of the company or the employee.

The company's security team eventually found that someone was logging in from Shenyang, China with the American employee's credentials -- while that employee was staring at a computer monitor in his U.S. office.

In his blog, Valentine described the employee as being in his mid-40s with a "relatively long tenure with the company, family man, inoffensive and quiet. Someone you wouldn't look at twice in an elevator."

A search of the employee's computer found hundreds of PDF invoices from a third party contractor/developer from Shenyang.

Eventually, it was discovered that the employee had outsourced his own job to a Chinese consulting firm, paying about $50,000 to the firm out of his salary of several hundred thousand dollars.

Once on-site, Valentine said it took about two days for investigators to collect relevant evidence and put all the pieces together.

In the blog, Valentine wrote that according to his Web browsing history, "a typical 'work day'" for the employee looked like the following:

9:00 a.m. – Arrive and surf Reddit for a couple of hours. Watch cat videos

11:30 a.m. – Take lunch

1:00 p.m. – EBay time.

2:00 – ish p.m. - Facebook updates – LinkedIn

4:30 p.m. – End of day update e-mail to management.

5:00 p.m. – Go home

The employee had sent his company log-in key through FedEx to China so that the third-party contractor could log in under his credentials during his workday.

The "best part" of the story is that "for the last several years in a row he received excellent remarks" in his performance review, Valentine wrote in the blog.

"His code was clean, well written, and submitted in a timely fashion. Quarter after quarter, his performance review noted him as the best developer in the building."

Valentine said the employee was terminated for violating internal company policy.

"The employee denied everything at first, but then changed his story once we produced the invoices that were recovered from deleted disk space," Valentine told ABC News.

"Honestly? I thought it was pretty clever. I think he took a calculated risk by knowingly violating company policy, for sure -- but it was clever."

Valentine said that if he was even cleverer, he would have set up a server at home, or somewhere else off-site, for the Chinese consulting firm to access. Then he could proxy their traffic, making it appear that the traffic was coming from his home.

"That would have been a smarter way to go about it. But yes, either way, pretty clever," Valentine said.