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beat grid

Serato DJ Pro
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX
Windows 8
dj double A19995 7:12 PM - 25 October, 2013
the beat grid bars that automatically comes at the beginning of the song isnt comming up for my older music all you see in the older music is the song playing no beat grids at alll idk what it is
Crazyraider 9:32 PM - 25 October, 2013
I've had this happen. Try pulling up one of those songs, then using the SX's beatgrid controls. Shift+Adjust should set a beatgrid. Just make sure you're on whatever you want to be counted as the first beat (it'll start measure 1 at whatever part of the song you're at). I'm going off of memory here, but it's on the controller's silkscreening (and in the manual on page 13 - see number 24 of the deck diagram info., so you can find it pretty easily (these controls are just beneath the censor button and above the deck selection buttons).

It might also be something to do with sync. I think you might need to have smart sync selected in the settings (you don't have to use it), but again, I could be wrong.

And if I've misinterpreted your issue, don't be afraid to say so.
dj double A19995 1:13 PM - 26 October, 2013
yea thats about right so i read the manual and in the problems section i saw that there's a grid beat editor and i saw a vid on youtube how to edit it but sadly i guess im goin to have to do it for all the song in the riddim but cud you also explain what about the sync that causes a problem also? thank you
Matt P 6:24 PM - 29 October, 2013
HI dj double A19995,

If you analyse these older files in the offline player with "add beatgrid" ticked, do they stilll not show up?

If you set them using the hardware how are they set?

If you could upload one of these files, I'll have a look at it and try and figure out why this is happening. Use the "attach a file" button above the post box.


Matt P
dj double A19995 1:51 PM - 4 November, 2013
i analysed the files offline i saw them being analysed but it like no differnce is see when i played the songs i see no beat grids or bpm until the track is loaded to the deck and also some songs dont even have bpm sorry for the late reply i had net problems
dj double A19995 1:56 PM - 4 November, 2013
its quite tough to set hem with the hardware because its danceahall music mainly and soca but when i go i jus beat match dem from listening and by memory and also i set a cue point ass when dj ing with cd"s its quite upsettting because idk if im analysing them correctly and sadlly its affecting my carreer i had to do a few jobs with cdj's and another thing was that my serato 1.5.1 froze and it actually stuck my hardware and i have just reset my windows and im gona try it again to see if the problem is fixed
dj double A19995 2:11 PM - 4 November, 2013
i have seen ppl update there hardware is dat necessary (pioneer ddj sx )
Matt P 6:03 PM - 14 November, 2013
HI dj double A19995,

If you could upload one of the files you are having this problem with, i'd like to take a look at it.
Upload it using the "Attach a File" button.

Have you removed all corrupt files from your library?

Updating the hardware driver won't affect the beat grid, but it might help with your freezing issue.

What are your full computer specs?

Matt P
8:05 AM, 29 Nov 2013
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dj double A19995 5:13 PM - 31 December, 2013
hi my pioneer ddj sx when mixing and i move the cross fader to the right dec i still hear the music on the left whats up with dat dis happens after bout 50 mins
Matt P 5:56 PM - 31 December, 2013
Hi dj double A19995,

Have you got the cross fader assigned to the A/B or Thru on the left side? Double check you don't have it assigned to THRU as this will disable the crossfader for the channel you are trying to cross fade out.

Matt P
dj double A19995 8:19 PM - 31 December, 2013
thanks i will try
Matt P 2:40 AM - 6 January, 2014
Hi dj double A19995,

Just checking in..

Any luck with that?

Matt P
8:06 AM, 20 Jan 2014
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dj double A19995 1:01 PM - 27 January, 2014
well not really with the beat grid but im have success with other aspects and well now im waiting on a mac book `but when i tested it with a friends 1 it worked perfectly
Matt P 9:29 PM - 27 January, 2014
Hi dj double A19995,

If you can upload one of the files you are having this problem with i can check it out for you. Upload using the "attach a file" button.

Matt P
8:01 AM, 11 Feb 2014
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