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Serato DJ getting DVS Support (Rane 64 and Pioneer 900SRT)

nik39 12:56 AM - 5 September, 2013
You better start saving...

Rane 64:

Pioneer 900SRT

SL2,3,4, TTM61,62,68 support coming in Feb 2014!

Sam giving more details:
DJ Quartz 1:50 AM - 5 September, 2013
Dj Blee 1:57 AM - 5 September, 2013
no support on the ttm57 :*( but have a perfect one (backup) with like 20 hours on it
thebuttonfreak 2:07 AM - 5 September, 2013
When did they stop production on the TTM57sl?
DJ dVO 2:21 AM - 5 September, 2013
We all saw this is coming. It was a question of time. Kudos to Serato for taking this approach. This will only pays off in the long run for the users as well as for the company.

My only question is when will Rane produce a midi controller now that the DVS honeymoon is over? Time to produce midi! :)
DJ Quartz 3:03 AM - 5 September, 2013
It does kinda suck about the SL1/57SL not being supported.

I would have liked a bit of support so you have time to hustle and upgrade.

What are we going to do now the latest software can't be used with this hardware?

Scratch Live will be supported until 2015 at least anyway.
jruins99 3:24 AM - 5 September, 2013
i made this post in September 2012

*DJ News...After many years, Rane is losing its exclusive partnership with Serato when their contract is up. Pioneer to be taking over. Do to the popularity and emergence of multi hardware platform Traktor, Serato is to revamp to make its platform more competitive. Interesting!! oct 27 2013

i called it and they laughed at me
kilo-watt 4:29 AM - 5 September, 2013
Just because Pioneer is making compatible hardware for Serato DJ doesn't mean they are "taking over". Serato DJ has been open to other hardware builders pretty much since it was released e.g. Vestax and Numark.
Maskrider 4:55 AM - 5 September, 2013
Everybody knows this was coming.
jruins99 5:15 AM - 5 September, 2013
yup maskrider you called it. good one bro. kilowatt yup i was off just bit
sinesthetix 6:51 AM - 5 September, 2013

Thanks Serato, you've obviously been hard at work on this so I hope its been worth the wait!
Maskrider 7:27 AM - 5 September, 2013
lol...But on a serious note when ITCH was conceived SERATO is obviously going to midi controllers which by the way has been a feature request over at the scratclive Dj thread..Years ago....... I've been a Serato User since SL1.
Dj Manny B 9:40 AM - 5 September, 2013
will be still be able to use scratch live vinyl with serato dj?
Dj Manny B 9:43 AM - 5 September, 2013
will we be able*
DEdwards 11:44 AM - 5 September, 2013
Exciting times. This was a long time coming, I guess best things come to those who wait. You will be able to use scratch live with Serato DJ from Dec13 (beta) full release Feb next year.

I use scratch live, but this is the hardware we've all been waiting for, sound card can sit with back up gear.. this is the future!

Well done serato! I am happier we waited for you to deploy on such a highly developed pioneer model like the nexus!!
DJ Quartz 7:31 PM - 5 September, 2013
@ MannyB

Scratch Live control vinyl will still work.
lefteris dj 1:54 PM - 11 September, 2013
before the dvs support the users that they have problem with the database and they cant use serato ...........
Dj Ace 1:18 AM - 16 September, 2013
will be able to use the 64 with scratch live?
DJ Quartz 2:58 AM - 16 September, 2013
^ No
Dj Manny B 12:30 PM - 22 September, 2013
@ MannyB

Scratch Live control vinyl will still work.

great, i wont need to buy any more lol
4play 4:01 PM - 3 October, 2013
With a Rane 64 will you be able to control 4 channels with two turntables like a controller would?