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scan tracks BPM

Serato DJ Pro
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX
Gu3d3s 12:29 AM - 20 August, 2013
some of my track is scan w/ BMP and beatgrid err, Ei.: trakc a 135 is scan only 69.

And how i can import my music HD into serato w all dir information? i make but onli musics is displayed no my folders list. any help is welcome, and sory my poor Inglish

Matt P 4:52 PM - 27 August, 2013
Hi Gu3d3s,

If you find you are getting tracks analyzed as half the bpm or double the bpm, You can half or double the value (and the beatgrid) by -

Double clicking the tracks Bpm value in the library
Holding the "alt" or "option" key and pressing the Up cursor or down cursor.
To half the value press down
To double the value press up

And how i can import my music HD into serato w all dir information? i make but onli musics is displayed no my folders list.

I think this link will help you with the above quesiton -

Let me know if i've understood your question.


Matt P
Gu3d3s 4:40 AM - 1 September, 2013
Hi Matt P

Thank you for repply,

really its tips were very useful, and believe that they go to decide my problems, used the traktor tie to buy my DDJ-SX and the Serato for me and new development, still I am adapting with its resources and easinesses.

I go to test its solutions and post the result. also I bought a software - Alchimie call and I find q it decides the question of the creation of my library of musics.

thanks for the aid and sorry for my English
Matt P 11:49 PM - 4 September, 2013

Ok, cool. Let me know if you need any more help.
From what i understand you are getting it to work with your folders now?

Feel free to use To help with translating from english to portuguese.

I can only speak english. My apologies.

Matt P
Gu3d3s 12:03 AM - 5 September, 2013
Matt P,

yes, I bought the app and it got Alchimie import and create my playlist, and make a nalysis of my songs, so it was similar to that used in Traktor and much easier so I located my tracks.

Now I'm trying to make the grids of tracks so you can ease the time to use the SYNC.

By the way, there is a way to make the score SERATO entire grid with "lists, bars"? excuse the basic questions, but I am beginner and SERATO is all new to me, so I'm enjoying results, mainly due to DDJ-SX which is fast and accurate in commands.

Thank you for your attention,

PS. can you show me some topics for beginners, as it gave notice to
to the questions are many, more in general the SERATO, intuitive and easy to use.
Matt P 11:46 PM - 10 September, 2013
Hi Gu3d3s,

Here is a guide on beatgrids and how to set them.

When analysing your tracks be sure to have the option to "Set beatgrids" ticked ON.

As they aren't always perfect you'll have to get used to editing them as you go.
This is super easy on the DDJSX hardware, as the buttons are just to the left of the platter below the fx section.

Feel free to ask any questions, although the manual has alot of information

as well as the tutorials too -

Matt P
7:04 AM, 25 Sep 2013
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