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NS6 Midi LED's

Scratch Live
Rane SL2
Sand 3:01 PM - 15 August, 2013
I'm using my Numark NS6 as my midi mixer for scratch live, is it possible to map the NS6's lights to scratch live controls? I can't seem to get the lights to work.
Rane, Support
RafaelM 4:26 PM - 15 August, 2013
You should be able to. Heres more info on the MIDI lighting:

The TAB key will toggle the lights on or off.
Sand 5:03 PM - 15 August, 2013
No still can't get it to work and now I seem to have lost the option to toggle lights on/off in midi mapping mode with the midi lighting option checked on.
Rane, Support
RafaelM 5:09 PM - 15 August, 2013
The only way to toggle them on or off is to hit the TAB key. Not much else to it than that.

The NS6 may simply not be capable of this with Scratch Live. Many people are using other Midi controllers no problem.
Sand 5:14 PM - 15 August, 2013
I would just like to know if the NS6 is compatable with this function. If I use the tab key on my Mac it just moves though the library, do you not mean the L key which it explains in the midi mapping window to toggle lights on and off?
Rane, Support
RafaelM 5:36 PM - 15 August, 2013
Lol, my bad, yes the "L" key.
1:57 AM, 30 Aug 2013
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