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Anybody experience with a MB pro "DOUBLE" SSD HD set up?

BOOGIEFROMCUR 4:28 AM - 11 August, 2013
Can anybody let me know if they are spinning with a customized Mac book pro model with a harddrive in the optical bay?
I plan to put a two identical SSD's (480 or bigger) in my MB pro using the harddrive optical drive bay adapter from OWC and want to know if anybody has done this and their experiences.
One harddrive bay will be used for audio and the other for video.
Taiko 2:35 PM - 14 August, 2013
This isn't really the best board for this question so you probably won't get many responses.

As for using two SSDs/HDs, it's a fairly common thing to do. It works well. If you are planning in using an HD in your optical bay, you battery life will suffer a little but not a huge amount. SSDs are more energy efficient so you probably won't notice a drop in battery life if you are using two.

Although if you are using a 2011 MacBook Pro, there is a issue on some models when using a 6Gb/s SSD in the optical drive. You can find details about that on OWC's website. If you are using any other model, you don't need to worry about that.
3:25 PM, 14 Aug 2013
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DJMark 4:06 PM - 14 August, 2013
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