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Louie Vega Presents Anane' - Shake It [Tommy Boy Entertainment]

11:45 PM, 16 Oct 2008
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andosguy 1:19 PM - 17 October, 2008
i like it how it is for personal listening, but for a crowd i think i would slow it down a little and add a techno peice or somethin...
Detroitbootybass 7:14 PM - 17 October, 2008
This is 'ok', but I really wasn't moved by any of the mixes. I guess I could use the instrumental though...

I really had higher hopes for this release.
Frankie_PC 9:43 AM - 18 October, 2008
Why Louie? What is going on in this world today? Where did the love go....?

First this entire site herded over towards lust with about 85% bling-hop promo's....Now MAW Man of Soul reverts back to Little Louie V...

Come on, play what you love! Not what you feel attached to! Didn't our world learn where addictions to lust (ehem, credit) lead one another. Maybe there's a bigger picture here, but I remember being part of it all when DJ's, producers, promoters, audio manufacturers, dancers, artists, and newcomers equally shared a positive vibe for the love of H.O.U.S.E. music.

Like today's #1 hit says, "bring it back"!

Bassick 10:15 PM - 20 October, 2008
Yeah, it might not be Louie's style from previous but I could use this in my "club sets". Pop, Hip Hop, Dance. It'll work up in that range with Sean Paul, Flo Rida with a splash of Salsa. Props for doin' something different than your norm. Expand your talents!
Djdoughboy74 10:32 AM - 12 February, 2009
I was expecting allot more with this track....The beat is ok will I could most deff use. But other than that!
Nahhhhhhhhhhhh , on the real! All I gotta say is pleaseeeeee bring it back! Make this track into a House classic.
there's really so much more you can do with this beat!....and with the artist we have today!..Ohhhh Man!
Cut it out!.....
CJD 4:39 PM - 12 February, 2009
Hell no....
DJ Delaine 10:38 PM - 8 May, 2009
Haven't been to Whitelabel in some time so I'm doing catch up. I was dissapointed on this one. I've been a looooong time Vega fan, but this one wasn't quite up to Louie's legacy. Maybe if there were a vocal remix (the rap wasn't strong). I know Anane can blow, so let's hear those pipes!
lowh20rd 5:23 PM - 5 September, 2009
Tommy Boy used to be a little tight with the vinyl back in the DDK days. Groovin' to this... thanks for hooking up Whitelabel.
A-Beatz 2:34 AM - 21 October, 2010
Thank you Louie for the great music.