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Madlib - Blow The Horns On ´Em [BBE Records]

11:45 PM, 16 Oct 2008
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aito 11:39 AM - 20 October, 2008
Very nice track!
Kool DJ Sheak One 3:47 AM - 21 October, 2008
Hot horns. I needs me the instro.
Simpson sounds in good form.
keep them BBE releases comin.
I'm hungry for this shit.
fadwidit 10:46 PM - 11 December, 2008
Way more ummm..... comprehensive Madlib ishd. Dope tho dont get me wrong.

He always changes up... Cool Cool.
kid90nz 9:49 AM - 2 January, 2009
Digging this one. It's nice to see some quality lyricists on WL.
Culprit 4:14 AM - 6 January, 2009
hot, we need more support for this guy.
DeezNotes 2:50 AM - 15 January, 2009
mtchermy 5:14 AM - 20 January, 2009
Yeah the horns are nasty! Def could use the instro, and def could use more of the madlib/stones throw/etc. backpacker releases on wl.
CJD 4:41 PM - 12 February, 2009
MadLIb YAY!!! godd stuff...
Dswift 4:04 AM - 23 February, 2009
I wish they had an instro to this. The horns are killing em
Deejay Z 8:54 PM - 23 February, 2009
willyfromparis 11:44 PM - 30 October, 2009
this isn"t the kind of "beat" i play, but the production is really good, can't play in all party, but the track should get a video clip on tv.
very like it