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Serato dj general problem

Dj Loka Dino 5:55 AM - 28 May, 2013
Hello there to everyone !

I looked a little bit the serato dj on a pioneer ddj s1 with a lenovo laptop and on a pioneer ddj sx and an hp laptop , both laptops with windows 7.

So the problem that i am talking about is when i'm loading tracks to , perhaps deck b , during deck a is playing the master song sometimes it loads the same song with master a playing deck .

I will explane it with an example .

Deck a is playing the song avicci - levels (for example) and the same time I'm looking for the next song in deck b so i load some tracks too fast on deck b and when i'm loading tracks sometimes it loads the avicci - levels (the same song with deck a) that plays in deck a ..
DJMartin 10:40 PM - 28 May, 2013
Hey Dj Loka Dino,

when you hit the load button twice, it will load an instant double on that deck.
You can find the explanation of an instant double in the manual:

When you hit the load button once again, you will load the selected track.

Just make sure you hit the load button one time, when you hit it accidently twice, just press it again.

Dj Loka Dino 5:31 AM - 29 May, 2013
Hello Dj Martin !

Thanks you for responding !

Ok I thought it was a problerm hehehehehe !

Fixed !