Serato DJ Release Notes

9 December, 2014

New Features

  • Sticker Lock
  • MIDI output lighting
  • Instant Start for motorised platters when start time set to zero
  • 2 Decimal Place BPM display option
  • Toggle time elapsed/remaining for Library, Stack and Offline views
  • MIDI Map individual Loop Roll sizes (alt + click)
  • 32/64 bit floating point WAV/AIFF file support
  • Echo Out effect added to Wolf Pack
  • Continuous library scrolling with navigation buttons (MIDI panel and Vestax VCI-300)
  • Saved Loop Mode for Pioneer DDJ-SR (shift + roll)

Other Changes

  • Support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite
  • Updated Rane Drivers for all Rane Devices for mac
  • Increased Audio Dropout Light threshold
  • Keylock improvement when scratching at low speeds with DVS
  • Serato DJ login online window remembers login details between sessions
  • My Serato panel update
  • Blue Smart Crates

Bug Fixes

  • Large Latency introduced after audible dropout on mac with DVS devices
  • Short audible dropouts on mac not resolved by USB buffer
  • Using browse knob jumps to top of crate after using search function
  • Sorting by color does not respect color palette
  • Crash when connecting to firewire soundcards
  • iTunes library not found on Win 7 when iTunes Library is not in default location
  • Hot Cue pads sometimes don't light up on the Pioneer DDJ-SX2
  • Video files load slowly on Mac 10.9 OSX and above
  • Searching the library causes waveforms/virtual decks to freeze
  • Clicking on the loop time of the currently active loop switches the loop off
  • iTunes playlist folders always open expanded in Serato DJ
  • Sort and jump to BPM doesn't jump to the correct BPM
  • Repeat Track does not work when Serato DJ is in Offline mode
  • Saved loop/manual loop state is not copied when instant doubling
  • Clearing played track history causes hang
  • BPMs not showing in history sessions
  • Sample Buttons on Numark Mixtrack Edge Don't Load to Sample Slots
  • Noise Threshold preference not copied across from Scratch Live if available
  • Cue and Load incorrectly mapped on Reloop Beatmix 2
  • Exiting DJ while an iTunes library is still loading causes a crash on exit
  • Various history columns not visible and unable to edited
  • TAP button does not light up on Numark NSFX
  • Track skip/jumps when scratching with 45RPM
  • 2's Compliment data type not working correctly for MIDI mapping
  • Loop Flip slot defaults to Loop ON when saved and ON/LOOP are both off
  • Flip Cue Trigger during playback doesn't handle "Play From First Cue Point"
  • Right click to change Cue Point colour does not work on Windows
  • 3 Deck Stack view displayed on unsupported devices when hot plugging
  • Instant doubling doesn't turn an active Flip off if it's on, on the target deck
  • Pioneer DDJ-S1 should not have AUX drop down option in Recording Panel
  • Stop time not respected after Loop Rolling
  • CDJ Loop Recall button not working correctly on supported CDJs
  • Empty Cue Points buttons not dimly lit on Rane Sixty-Eight
  • CDJs are displaying the incorrect remaining time while in HID mode
  • Right click on columns in the History panel does not work
  • Offline Player not limiting correctly on Windows
  • Decks pause during autoplay when same track loaded to different decks
  • Offline player not running at correct sample rate after disconnecting hardware
  • When not using CDJ HID mode (but connected) the library knob controls Serato DJ
  • Sometimes incorrect saved loop is activated directly after activating a different saved loop, then instant doubling
  • Various crashes and hangs

Version: Serato DJ 1.7.2
Size: 154.00 MB
Platform: Win