Mike Relm

Exclusive Video Scratch Content [Gamma Danger vol. 1]

Mike Relm is a world renowned turntablist and visual artist. He’s reached millions with his movie remixes and live shows, where he fuses music and film together through scratching.

As a special offer for our Serato Video users, Mike Relm has created the world’s first video scratch tool. Designed for turntablists, Gamma Danger vol. 1 has everything you need to take on the world of video scratching.

The pack contains an all new scratch sentence and five exclusive beats. The scratch sentence is arranged with on-beat samples, each with distinct visual elements. The instrumentals are ideal for scratching - they range from heavy drum breaks to slick electro - with video that accentuates the sound.

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Gamma Danger vol. 1

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Included Audio/Video Content

Out of Control

All new scratch sentence with carefully arranged samples and animated visuals. New phrases and classic sound fx.

Dirty Heads Up

Heavy drums, gritty bassline, super grainy film. 94 bpm

Trash Circle

Overdriven bass with lo-fi drums. Simple circular visual. 75 bpm

Escape Velocity

Analog synth, analog drums. Space shuttle launch visuals. 85 bpm


Lo-fi drums on an analog synth bassline. Simple tunnel visual. 75 bpm


Back to basics with an old school electro style beat and an 80’s VHS look. 130 bpm