Grab all the expansion packs

Grab all the expansion packs

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Serato Video

Become your own VJ with Serato Video. Control the playback of videos files just as you do with audio, utilizing Serato Video’s powerful visual effects and transitions, or add your own images, graphics and text to your performance.

Serato DVS

The Serato DVS expansion pack enables users with supported hardware to connect turntables or CDJ's. This gives the ability to control Serato DJ using Noisemap Control tone CD/Vinyl.

Serato Flip

Flip allows you to record and playback cue point and censor actions, so you can reimagine your tracks in unlimited ways. Extend or shorten, make clean edits or completely remix and reshuffle your tracks.

Serato Pitch 'n Time

Shift and sync the key of your tracks as well as speeding up and slowing down your tracks to extreme tempos. Maintain perfect key while mixing, cutting and scratching without any loss in audio quality.

Serato FX Pack

Over 30 customizable DJ FX, powered by iZotope. From the essential Filters, Echoes, and Delays to complex and creative noise synths, dubbed out tape echos and retro 8-bit audio bending FX.