The Gaslamp Killer

“I’m not making party music.
I’m making head music.”

Hometown: San Diego, California
Residency: Low End Theory, Los Angeles
Label: Brainfeeder

The Gaslamp Killer Break Stuff Serato Pressing

A forward thinking and high-energy DJ, The Gaslamp Killer delivers a unique, fresh and modern take on the classic breaks record with ‘BREAK STUFF’. A collection of beats and pieces (some old, some new) that never made it onto a GLK release and are now exclusive to this pressing. Packaged as a 2x12” picture disc pair with the licensed Serato CV02.5 Control Tone on each B side. The pressing is bought to life with an incredible kaleidoscope themed jacket and vinyl designed by Breidteyes.

The Gaslamp Killer's Break Stuff Serato Pressing

Available now from the Serato online store

Videos with Serato


In anticipation for The Gaslamp Killer’s Break Stuff Serato Pressing which is available now, GLK puts together this special mix for SeratoCast consisting of his beats from the forthcoming pressing along with some music from his friends.

On the first half, GLK mixes his favorite beats off of his official Break Stuff release. The second half he features songs from MRR-ADM, Mophono, Heliocentrics, and more.