Joachim Garraud

Joachim Garraud

There was a fusion between my two loves – music and technology. This was exactly what I wanted to do.”

Nantes, France
Gum Records

Joachim Garraud is a Frenchman, alien enthusiast, computer nerd, DJ and producer extraordinaire. Known for his impressive audiovisual shows and high-end production, Joachim has always been drawn to two things in his life: music and technology.

Serato Video is now one of the pillars of Joachim's performance. It's another way of making the show bigger, the fans more excited and the experience special. Every year fans look forward to INOX Park Festival in Paris. It’s Joachim’s pride and joy and where he gives back to his fans, indulging in the freedom to experiment with new performance ideas.

With so much going on – video, audio, lighting, it’s important for Joachim to get out in front and connect with the crowd. Whether it’s shooting a smoke cannon into the front row, playing his keytar or dancing, Joachim’s passion for live performance is at the core of what he does and the essence of his success as a DJ.

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