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How-to: Adjust graphics performance for the MacBook Pro

Most MacBooks and MacBook Pros (15-inch and 17-inch) include two graphics options within the System Preferences' Energy Saver. The default setting "Better Battery Life" uses an nVidia 9400M video card which is fine for situations where graphic-intensive applications are not being used. The "Higher Performance" setting uses an nVidia 9600M video card which is recommended when using Video-SL or other heavy graphics processing applications. If you've having stutter, lag or performance issues with Video-SL or ScratchLIVE, follow the below instructions to adjust the graphics performance of your MacBook or MacBook Pro.

'How-to: Adjust graphics performance for the MacBook Pro'

Click the System Preferences Icon located on your Dock:

Open System Preferences
Open System Preferences

Select Energy Saver from the System Preferences Window:

Select Energy Saver
Select Energy Saver

The MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010) or MacBook Pro (17-inch, Mid 2010) include a feature in the Energy Saver System Preferences pane for adjusting graphics performance. "Automatic graphics switching" is enabled by default to allow your computer to automatically switch to the best graphics system for the application running.  Turn off this option to use the higher-performance graphics processor at all times (see below pic). Once this option is disabled, no log out is required.

Disable Automatic Graphic Switching
Disable Automatic Graphic Switching

If using an older MacBook Pro, from the Energy Saver menu, select the Higher Performance Graphics Option:

Select Higher Performance
Select Higher Performance

Once prompted, click Log Out to Change Graphics Settings. When choosing a different graphics setting, OS X requires a log out for the new settings to take effect.

Click Log Out
Click Log Out

After logging back in, the system will be utilizing the 9600M GT for performance. To Switch back to the 9400M video card, use the same procedure selecting the Better Battery Life Graphics option.

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