Using Post Fader Software DJ-FX with the Rane Sixty-Eight.

A great feature of the Rane Sixty-Eight is the ability to route the Scratch Live DJ-FX plug-in through the  mixer for Post Fader type effects. MIDI mapping both Mic control strips on the Sixty-Eight is a useful way to select and control the DJ-FX plug-in. This article will explain how to do this.

Pre or Post Fader?

The difference between a pre-fader and post-fader effect is that a pre-fader effect will be applied before it is routed through the mixer channel therefore with FX such as echo, delay and reverb, the tail of these effects will not be audible when closing the fader on that channel. This is where post-fader effects are useful when DJ'ing and can add great musicality to mixes.

To learn more about DJ'ing FX in general check out the article here

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