How-to: Calibrate Scratch Live

Setting the noise threshold

1) Turn the sound system up the level you will be playing at during your performance.

2) Play a track from an audio CD or from the other deck in internal mode.

3) Place the needle on the record but keep the turntable stopped.

4) Click and hold down the Estimate button for a few seconds - Scratch Live will estimate the optimal threshold setting for the current environment. Alternatively you can try manually moving the estimate slider to the right until you notice the number in the upper-right corner of the scope view stops fluctuating.

You should be at the best point for good tracking of the vinyl movement and ignoring noise.

5) Repeat this process for each deck. 

NOTE: The process for calibrating a cd player is almost the same. The only difference is you'll need to press pause on the cd deck with the control cd in the player before hitting the estimate button.

Adjusting the scopes

Once you have set the threshold, start both turntables. For optimal performance the inner ring should be as close to circular as possible. Use the scope zoom slider (1x to 16x) to zoom in or out as necessary. Use the scope L/R balance and P/A balance controls to adjust the shape of the inner ring. The number in the top left corner of the scope view gives the current absolute position within the control record or CD. The number in the top right corner is the current speed in RPM.

Adjusting the scope views
Adjusting the scope views

In the bottom left is the current threshold setting, and the number in the bottom right shows the percentage of readable signal – this number should be at least 85% when your system is calibrated properly.

If you are unable to get a good tracking percentage and your scope views look irregular you can take a look at our article on Diagnosing the Scope Views.

If you are still having trouble, please start a new help request here.

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