Hard Drive Formats & Backing Up Your Files

This article will show you how to back up your music files and your Serato software data. It will also explain which file system/format your drive should be and how to reformat your disk if this is wrong.  

Why back up your files?

Serato software will automatically create a backup of the _Serato_  folder when you open it, if it doesn't already have one. Once this folder has been created it will ask you to backup once a week when you exit the software. 

The reason we recommend users make their own backup is in case the folder that the _Serato_ folder is in becomes corrupt or is accidentally deleted. If this happens both the automated backup folder and the original _Serato_ folder could be deleted. Also many DJs update their library daily (the once a week backup may not be enough.)

Although it isn't necessary (you can just put the _Serato_Backup in a different folder or drive on your internal), we highly recommend users backup their _Serato_ folder and music files to an external hard drive or another computer. This is in case the hard drive that both the original and backup is on becomes corrupt or crashes in which case you will have lost both.

If you are running a beta version  of any Serato software you should definitely be backing up your data due to the uncertain stability of beta software.

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