Scratch Live DJ-FX 101

This article takes a closer look at the DJ-FX Plugin in Scratch Live. Learn how to enable FX, about the different FX modes, and how to make your own custom presets!

Scratch Live by default will have the DJ-FX plugin disabled because it can use extra CPU power. So you will need to enable it by going to the 'Plugins' tab of the Scratch Live Setup screen and ticking 'Enable DJ-FX Plugin'.

Macro Edit Mode

Now when you adjust the Super Knob you will see the parameter knob move within the range that you just specified. Any parameters not customized but linked to the Super Knob will behave as normal.

You can save any macro mappings you have made to an effect by clicking the Save button by the Super Knob, and save effects combination made in Ultra Knob Mode by clicking the Save button by the Ultra Knob.


If you are having any trouble using the Scratch Live DJ-FX or you simply have any questions feel free to post a help thread in the help forum here.

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