Trouble shooting freezing and crashing while Analyzing Files.

Open the Scratch Live program, search for those songs in the ALL Crate, and re-analyze them one by one as described above. Once you find the one that causes a crash, restart Scratch Live and delete it from the ALL crate.

That’s one corrupt file down but we still have to continue analyzing the rest of the songs. Remember, our library is organized by Song Name so let’s only select and analyze the songs listed after the corrupt file.

Do this (as described above):

Make sure you are in the ALL Crate and click on the song that came after the corrupt file you just deleted. Scroll all the way down to the end of your library, hold down the Shift button on your Keyboard, and (at the same time) click on the last file in the list. All files in-between should then be highlighted Orange. 

Drag and drop these tracks on top of the Analyze Files button and let it continue analyzing. Repeat the process described above if it crashes while analyzing again. 

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