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Lutz Escher - Freitag Nacht 24.10.14

24 Oct 2014
Pop, 80's Dance, Rock, Dance, Electronic, Club, Synthpop, Nu Disco, House, Soundtrack

Cool Hand J - Adventures of Commander Cool Hand - Episode 24 - DeLorean Funk

23 Oct 2014
theFix.fm, Charleston 29407, South Carolina, United States of America
Disco, Nu Disco, Re-edits, Electro, Funk, 80s, Electronic, Synth, Space Jams

AndresG - Fuck College Mix

23 Oct 2014
Electronic, Progressive House, Big Room, Trap, Dubstep

Kutcorners - Thank U Missy

21 Oct 2014
R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Soul, 90's Soul, Electronic

Klaus Wing - 12.10.2014

12 Oct 2014
Bassoradio, Finland
Rare Groove, Jazz, Latin, Deep House, Alternative, R&B, Downtempo - Experimental, Electronic, Electronica

Anand Samtani - 18/10/14

18 Oct 2014
Penthouse, Hong Kong
Tropical House, Tech House, Indie Dance, Nu Disco, Electronic, House, Various, Deep House, Techno, French House

George B (Dj Hoboe) - October Promo Mix Sampler 2014

21 Oct 2014
Delicious Sounds, Pachuca 43997, Hidalgo, Mexico
Techno, Electronic, Deep House, Tech House, Dj Tools

M@rkus - #7

20 Oct 2014
Roma, Italy
Electronic, Dance, House, M4rko

Iboxer - 2014-10-20

20 Oct 2014
Electronic, Deep House

Declope - Bounce with me #1

12 Sep 2014
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Melbourne Bounce, Electronic

gruv4u - Weird Mix

19 Oct 2014
United States of America
Pop, Electronica & Dance, House, R&B

8bit Ninja - 2014-10-11

11 Oct 2014
CJSW 90.9 FM, Afghanistan
Bass Music, Electronic, Glitch Hop, Midtempo, Trap, Future

DJ PM - midnight.Radio (2014/10/18)

18 Oct 2014
midnight.Radio, United States of America
Hip Hop [pop], Trap, Hip-Hop, House [dub Step], Electronic, Mash Up, Remixes [hip Hop], Trap [other], Hip Hop [twerk], Monster Bass, Dubstep, Electro, House, House [moombahton], Moombahton, Trap [hip Hop], Trap [festival], Hip Hop [trap], Hip Hop [west Coast], Drumstep, Crunk, Dirty South, Pop, Dub Step, Drum Step, Remix, Twerk

Chang Bang - 10/17/14

17 Oct 2014
United States of America
Chill Out, Downtempo, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Dub Step

DJ Edd Chango - MoodMusic

17 Oct 2014
United States of America
Synth Pop, Electronic, Alternative, House, Nudisco, Techno, Minimal, Dance, Soulful, Funky, Deep

Selec & Smu - 17.10.14 - Schwarzmarkt Radio Show

17 Oct 2014
eldoradio*, Germany
Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Reggae, Blues, R&B, Soul, Funk, Dubstep, Grime, Funky, Electronic, Jungle, Drum'n'bass

aebldee - AllDayPlay.fm Happy Hour LAZERS!!! Edition 10/16/14

16 Oct 2014
Somar Bar, Oakland 94610, CA, United States of America
Dance, House, Electronica

DJ Big Stuza - Big Stuzaville 8

15 Oct 2014
United Kingdom
Edm, Electronic, Trance, Dance, House

DJ Indiana Jones - 10/15/2014 Brok(N) Tuesdays

14 Oct 2014
The Melody Inn, Indianapolis 46220, Indiana, United States of America
Reggae, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Brazilian Bass, Club, Soca, Fjordwerk, Reggae Dancehall, Pop

aebldee - LAZERS!!! - 10/14/14

14 Oct 2014
Oakland 94610, CA, United States of America
House, Afro House, Dance, Electronica, Afro Deep, Soulful House, Funky House

DJ Big Stuza - Big Stuzaville 7

12 Oct 2014
United Kingdom
Dance, Trance, Uplifting, Electronic

Alberto dk - Hears noise 006

13 Oct 2014
Electronica, Edm, Trap

Dj C3 in #‎TheGlowOfParty‬ - 12/10/14

12 Oct 2014
#‎TheGlowOfParty‬, Brazil
House, Progressive House, Electro House, Redmusic.pl, Top 40, Dutch House, Electro, Club, Electronic, Rap, R&B, Soul And R&b, Hip-Hop, Rap & Hip-hop, Dahmi Style, Rap Underground, Funk, Trap

psych0tron - Stoneburner Live @ The Local/Club Anything - 10/11/14

11 Oct 2014
Club Anything, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America
Electronic, Industrial, Electronica, Noise, Ebm, Dance, Goth


11 Oct 2014
Electro House, Progressive House, Electro, Rap & Hip-hop, Hip Hop Nacional, R&B, Hip-Hop, Hip Hop R&b, Funk, Club, Electronic, Dutch House, House, Rap E Hip-hop, Tropical Bass, Soul, Brazilian Bass, Real Trap, Dahmi Style, Dancehall, R&b E Hip Hop

DJ Trevino - House mix

11 Oct 2014
Triangle 22172, Virginia, United States of America
Electronic, Pop, Dance

DJ DK - Punch Bowl ATX - 10/10/14 - Part 1

10 Oct 2014
Punch Bowl Social, Austin, TX, United States of America
Old School, Funk, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Bootsy, Remix Service, Top 40, Redrum, 90's, Soul, Old School Funk And R&b, Www.clubkillers.com, Segway, Hip Hop Throwbacks, Throwbacks, 80's Pop, Twerk, Bounce, Reggae, Electronic, Dance, Pop Throwback, Rap, 90's R&b, Throwback, Mainstream, Urban, Pop 40, Pop Dance Mash Up, Disco, Latin, Soul And R&b, Vocal Samples

Jens - Roxy Revival Party 02.10.14

02 Oct 2014
Roxy, Germany
Pop & Wave, Alternative, New Wave, Industrial, Electronic

DJ DOCBEAR - 10/9/2014Where They Got It From 2.0

09 Oct 2014
BearCave, Jersey City 07305, N.J., United States of America
Hip-Hop, Jazz, Rap, Blues, Soul And R&b, Electronic

DJ McKyle - *Live Demo Mix 4* - Dj McKyle

09 Oct 2014
Saint Petersburg 33711, Florida, United States of America
House, Edm, Top, Tech House, Trap, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Intros