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Problems with PCs using AMD processors

Some users have reported problems with Serato software running on machines with AMD processors. Our in-house testing has also shown that AMD equipped PCs can, in some cases cause serious performance problems.

Due to the number of reports we have had of this problem we do not support machines with AMD processors for use with Serato software.

  • Try all available USB ports
  • Ensure you're not using a USB hub or splitter
  • Try plugging in an external drive (or memory stick) into another USB port on your machine - preferably the adjacent port. This may stimulate the machine’s chipset so that your problem may be fixed. (If this does help, please post a message into the help forum and describe your problem and workaround exactly to help us investigate this issue further.

Further assistance

If you are still having a problem please post in the Help forum, and make sure you include the following:

  • What Serato product are you using and software version?
  • What are your computer's specifications and operating system version? - be specific about processor and chipset if you can.
  • What graphics device does the machine have?
  • Is an external storage device attached (Never/sometimes/always), and to which USB port?
  • If there's no external storage attached, does attaching a disk or memory stick help out at all?

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